Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pull Ups

The ultimate upper body workout, you will have seen it the action movies the hero gets ready for the fight and pushes out a quick set of pull ups.
Pull ups build and strengthen your back, shoulders and arms and help you achieve the perfect V shape.
The pull up and all of its variations are not easy to perform and do require a certain amount of strength and technique. If performed correctly and integrated into a training programme significant gains can be seen quickly.
By pulling your body weight upwards from an action of pulling the hands downwards from above your head does involve a big range of motion and places a lot of pressure on your muscles; however the gains out way the cons.
Many people and trainers abdicate the lat pull down machine and seated overhead press in order to progress your pull ups, This won’t aid you in anyway only by executing pull ups and the variations will you progress.
In order to get started and if you are a gym member try using the weight assisted pull up machines which can be found in all gyms, be wary though as you may be lulled into a false sense of security.
If your outside or not a gym member find a bar or tree that can easily be grasped by yourself and execute jump pull ups as follows
Stand below the bar
Use a box step if you have to
Use overhand or underhand grasp andgrip the bar and jump up slowly lower yourself to the ground
as soon as your feet touch the ground jump again repeat
One great piece of advice comes from Pavel Tsatsouline a former Russian spetnatz trainer which he terms as "greasing the pole" which in layman's terms means do a pull up every chance you get.
Pull/Chin up Variations
Here is a list of some types of variations in order to progress your pull/chin ups
Jump up's
Assisted pull up's
Weighted Pull ups (attach a weight belt or dumbbell)
Kipping Pull Up's – use the legs in a swinging motion to create hip thrust, this is a favourite with cross fit athletes
Side 2 Side- pull up taking left shoulder to left hand lower repeat to opposite side
Round the world- chin to one hand slide across to the other hand and return to start position
One arm pull up – Grab the bar with one hand place the other hand on the wrist for support
Clap pull up – standard chin up as you reach the top of the pull execute a clap return the hands to the bar and lower
Doris pull ups- execute a burpee below the bar, explode up from the down position and execute a pull up drop and repeat.
Other variations include the use of towels, ropes chains and partners.

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