Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Top Five bodyweight moves

The ultimate in workouts has to be your own body weight; you can go to any gym and see everyone doing resistance workouts, dumbbells, barbells, Power plates and studio classes.

Occasionally you see the odd person doing standard press ups at the end of a chest workout or a few variations on there abdominals.

You never really see anyone doing a complete bodyweight no holds barred workout, why is bodyweight training so good

Benefits of bodyweight training:

  1. It's free
  2. Variations are endless
  3. Minimum amount of space required
  4. Can be conducted anywhere
  5. Strength is relative
  6. Body worked functionally
  7. Speed, plyometrics, strength, endurance, stamina, flexibility, movement, are all incorporated

Top five exercises include


This is the original bodyweight move and is a great exercise for hitting the chest, shoulders, back and arms, there are many variations and by adding a bit of elevation the range of movement and motion can be increased.

Variations include

  1. Military Press Up
  2. Toblerone's
  3. Marine press up
  4. Bouncing bomb
  5. Exploding bomb
  6. Bronson press up


This has to be the bad boy of the all over bodyweight exercise; this is a favourite with the British Military and martial artists. Once the subject of unfounded bad press most people ignored this exercise but having never left the top five it has made a dramatic come back.

Variations include

  1. Stand Up burpee
  2. Jump Burpee
  3. Bastardo
  4. Rolling squat burpee
  5. Bouncing burpee
  6. Half burpee


Squats are a great exercise, many people owing to western culture only squat at right ankles, ignoring the Posterior kinetic chain and the elastic energy of the hamstrings and glutes when firing correctly. The squat is also a great indicator regarding hip and ankle mobility or lack of.

Variations include

  1. Jump Squats
  2. Gun Drills
  3. Squat Thrusts
  4. Knuckle squats
  5. Split Squats
  6. Pistol Squats


Versatile and a mass builder for the back and arms, different variations will allow you to progress quickly, often seen as a test of strength most people find them difficult.

Variations include

  1. Chin up
  2. Side to side
  3. Around the world
  4. One handed
  5. L sit
  6. Parallel

Add a rope, towel, suspension system for variety


The holy grail of exercises, in that we want them, but can't seem to find them. Fear not the six pack is there but don't fall into the "I must do 200 crunches everyday" as the abdominals need to rest like every other muscle group.

Variations include

  1. Ab Roll outs
  2. Super crunches
  3. Double V sits
  4. Jesus Curls
  5. Side plank/oblique twists
  6. Bicycle

I need your opinion! Leave a comment with your favourite bodyweight exercises!

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